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At Clausen & Hassan, LLC, we pride ourselves on providing quality legal advice and services at affordable rates to help today’s Minnesota families. Our Minnesota family law and divorce attorneys can help with family law, divorce, and domestic matters. We have handled complex cases involving non-marital property and investment issues in courts across the state.

We are committed to finding out our client’s true needs and concerns and tailoring our services to meet our client’s goals. When we know your situation then we can present the options and advise how to proceed. We recognize that each case is unique and presents a different set of practical, factual and legal challenges. Contact us to get your questions answered and learn what to do next.

Divorce Decree Modification

Divorce decree modifications occur after a divorce is final and the circumstances of one of the parties changes significantly. Many times, divorced couples continue to disagree with each other after the divorce decree has been issued. Issues like child support, custody, spousal maintenance and parenting time are often topics that can cause a stir between divorced couples. In some cases, a post-decree motion may be issued to reach a solution. With the help of Minnesota divorce attorneys, you can determine if you are eligible for a post-decree motion based on your specific circumstances.

Modifying Child Custody Decisions

A post-decree modification is often requested when the present child custody arrangement is no longer in the best interest of the child. In these cases, both parents may agree to a post-decree modification. However, if the non-custodial parent can prove that leaving the child in the custodial parent’s care may harm the child, a post-decree modification of child custody may be issued. See our Child Custody Modification page for more information.

Parenting Time Modification

You may be able to convince the court to reevaluate the current parenting time decree and request a modification if you think it is in the best interest of your child. Many times, these post-decree modifications can be handled outside of court with a mediator or through some other avenues of settlement. Parenting time expeditors may also help make the process easier and less time-consuming. Our Minnesota family law attorneys can help determine which path is the best for your particular situation and we can represent you to ensure fair treatment and consideration of your case. Also see our Parenting Time Modification page.

Spousal Maintenance Modification

A post-decree spousal maintenance modification may be necessary if one spouse’s financial situation has recently changed. By requesting a modification of spousal maintenance, the court needs proof of the income change and any other documentation that shows that a modification is needed. One spouse may have reported inaccurate information about their income or assets or may receive an inheritance, both of which would be ideal changes leading to a modification. See our Spousal Maintenance Modification page for details.

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