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Courtney Wieden  |  August 3, 2017

Five Tips to Help you Prepare for a Minnesota Divorce Mediation

Research Mediators It is important to select the right mediator for the specific factual and legal issues in your case. The mediator you select for your case should also be
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Jeremy Alm  |  July 28, 2017

Default Judgment: Do Not Ignore Your Divorce or Custody Case in Minnesota

If you’ve failed to participate in your divorce case (or custody), you may face Default Judgment. This occurs when the Court finds that you have not properly asserted your defenses
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Courtney Wieden  |  July 26, 2017

What is a “Void” Marriage in Minnesota?

Under Minnesota Law, there are some marriages that are prohibited and, therefore, automatically void.  In other words, you do not need a divorce, annulment, or any other legal proceeding to
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Jeremy Alm  |  July 21, 2017

Unmarried Dads: The Reason You Shouldn’t Wait to Establish Custody and Parenting Time in Minnesota

There’s a common story amongst unmarried dads that I hear. A child is born and the parents work well together for a period of time, until things deteriorate. Then the
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Courtney Wieden  |  July 19, 2017

Co-Parenting: Three Ways to Make Summer Vacation Go Smoothly

Summer vacation provides children with a break from school and homework. This time of the year also provides an excellent opportunity for parents to spend more time with their children.
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Jeremy Alm  |  July 14, 2017

Can I get out of my Mediated Agreement?

You went to mediation or an Early Neutral Evaluation (Social Early Neutral Evaluation or Financial Early Neutral Evaluation) and came to a mediated agreement. If you are looking to find
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Courtney Wieden  |  July 12, 2017

Cooperation Can Go a Long Way in your Minnesota Divorce

Going through a divorce is a difficult and emotional process. If you choose to work with an attorney, you should strategize with your attorney on how to proceed with the
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Jeremy Alm  |  June 30, 2017

Changing a Child’s Name in Minnesota

One thing that many people don’t think to address in a divorce or custody case is changing the surname of the child(ren). After-the-fact, one parent may want the child(ren) to
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Jeremy Alm  |  June 23, 2017

Preparing For A Divorce in Minnesota: What Should I Do?

People anticipating or who are ready to start a divorce often want to know how to prepare. While there is no way to 100% prepare yourself for a divorce, you
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