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Farhan  |  January 30, 2018

Can a Judge Determine Reasonable Monthly Expenses in a Minnesota Spousal Maintenance Case?

The answer is yes. If the two parties to a divorce proceeding cannot agree on what is an appropriate spousal maintenance obligation, the Judge has the authority to decide the
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Courtney Wieden  |  January 25, 2018

Why is January Considered “Divorce Month”?

January is here and for most people this means new resolutions for the upcoming year. Many see this as a month for a fresh start, or to make the changes
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Farhan  |  January 23, 2018

Top 6 Reasons to Consult a Divorce Lawyer in Minnesota

  One of the goals in any divorce proceeding should be to obtain closure. For a lot of issues, this is possible. For other issues, it is simply not possible
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Courtney Wieden  |  November 30, 2017

Minnesota Court of Appeals Case Brief: Berberich v. Mattson (Military Disability Compensation is not Marital Property)

Berberich v. Mattson, No. A16-1535 (Minn. Ct. App. Oct. 2, 2017) In a recent decision issued by the Minnesota Court of Appeals, the Court agreed with Appellant-Husband that state courts
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Courtney Wieden  |  November 23, 2017

Five Things to Consider When Selecting a Mediator

Mediation is a common form of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Minnesota family law cases. Although Mediation can be very helpful to the parties, the selection of an appropriate Mediator for
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Courtney Wieden  |  November 16, 2017

Can I Move Out of State with my Children?

Some parents have the mistaken belief that, if they have sole physical custody of their children, they can move out of state without permission from the other parent. However, whether
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Courtney Wieden  |  November 9, 2017

How to Separate Finances after a Divorce

Most married couples have intertwined their finances through joint bank accounts, joint debts, and joint titles to property. Sometimes, the idea of separating these finances after a divorce can seem
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Courtney Wieden  |  November 2, 2017

How Do I Establish Paternity in Minnesota?

“Paternity” is the term used to refer to the legal father of a child. Under Minnesota law, once paternity is established, the legal father has the right to ask the
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Courtney Wieden  |  October 26, 2017

The Name Game: Changing Your Name Post-Divorce in Minnesota

During a divorce, many women (and sometimes men) are faced with the question of whether or not to change their last name back to their maiden name once the marriage
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