Mediation is a common form of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Minnesota family law cases. Although Mediation can be very helpful to the parties, the selection of an appropriate Mediator for your case is essential to the process. How do you know if a mediator is a good fit for your case? This is something that can be hard to predict; however, below are five helpful things to consider when selecting a mediator:

  1. Issues

One important consideration when selecting a mediator is the relevant issues in your case. If your case consists primarily of financial issues, you will want to select a mediator with experience with financial issues. Similarly, if parenting time/custody is the focus of your case, you will want to select a mediator with experience dealing with similar issues.

  1. Availability

Some mediators in Minnesota are very busy and may not have any available appointments for two to three months. In this situation, you will need to decide how urgent resolution of your issues are. If you need to attend Mediation relative to a move out of state, or prior to a scheduled Motion hearing, these timeline considerations may factor heavily into the mediator that is right for your case.

  1. Cost

Another important consideration is the cost of the mediator you select. If finances are very tight, you may want to choose a mediator with a lower hourly rate. Additionally, you will want to keep in mind that a SENE/FENE may be a better fit for your financial situation.

  1. Location

The location of the mediator you select is also something that should be considered. If your case is in the Twin Cities area, a mediator in Duluth may not be as familiar with the Judicial Officer assigned to your case. Some mediator are willing to travel for a mediation session; however, you will want to consider where the mediator primarily practices when making a final decision.

  1. Attorney Advice

Lastly, if you are represented by an attorney, you should always consult with him/her relative to any experience he/she may have with the proposed mediators for your case.

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