Typically, both spouses carry and maintain their own individual health insurance coverage after the Divorce is concluded.  However, if insurance is not available to one party, Federal law (COBRA) mandates that an ex-spouse can be covered for a maximum period of thirty-six (36) months, so long as the party who is covered pays the premium.  It makes sense to find out prior to the conclusion of the Divorce proceeding as to how much COBRA coverage will cost, as it is typically expensive.  COBRA coverage can be terminated when health insurance coverage is available through employment or through some other policy. Some employers have health insurance plans that allow an ex-spouse to maintain health insurance coverage even after a divorce decree has been issued. 

This can result in a great benefit to the spouse who may want to maintain health insurance coverage through his/her ex-spouse’s employment – all the more reason to explore this issue while the Divorce proceeding is pending.

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