Divorce is stressful enough, so why not get the process done quickly and amicably, right? For attorneys at Clausen & Hassan, this is certainly our preference.  Spending time, money, and energy on such a stressful thing in one’s life, like divorce, seems counterintuitive.  Before signing on the dotted-line, however, it is important that you know the financial make-up of the marital estate. Recently, Reuters wrote an article about potential drawbacks about being too nice or civil in a divorce.  In short, the article describes how it is important to know the financial make-up of the divorce, and how you can navigate the financial difficultly with the creation of two new households. For example, the article highlights an instance where one party is awarded the home following the divorce.  While that person may have a large asset at his/her disposal, that person may not understand the financial stress that come with homeownership – e.g. mortgage, property taxes, maintenance, and utility costs.  Or, while many families maintain joint bank and retirement accounts, some have individual accounts.  It is more than proper to ask the other spouse for documents verifying amounts.  While it may seem uncomfortable doing so, it is even more important to know what you might have a claim to or what you might be giving up in a divorce.  To be sure, it is much easier (and cheaper) getting it right the first time than have to come back and asking for relief from the Court after the divorce has been finalized. At Clausen & Hassan, our attorneys can help you navigate the divorce process amicably and without the Court’s involvement.  But our attorneys also make sure you have the full picture of what you might be entitled to – including child support, spousal maintenance, or other common divorce issues – before settling.  Contact our Minnesota family law attorneys today for a free consultation about your specific situation.

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