A Parenting Consultant, often referred to as a “PC,” is a neutral third party that can be appointed by the Court (only if the parties agree) to assist couples with a variety of co-parenting issues. This includes, but is not limited to, extra-curricular activities, parenting time schedules, school placement, etc.

A Parenting Consultant can be a useful tool for couples adjusting to co-parenting or struggling with communication. The Parenting Consultant helps couples mediate parenting issues/disagreements and has the authority to make decisions if no agreement can be reached by the parties. If one parent disagrees with the Parenting Consultant decision, that parent has the right to bring a Motion in Court to overturn the Parenting Consultant decision.

One benefit of using a Parenting Consultant is that they are typically able to make a decision much faster than if the parties chose to bring a Motion to the Court. This can help couples avoid the time consuming, costly, and often stressful traditional court process.

Importantly, a Parenting Consultant is created by a contract between the parties. That contract can outline a specific purpose they are needed for or the parties can give the Parenting Consultant broader authority to address ongoing issues that may arise. You cannot be forced to enter into a Parenting Consultant contract and you cannot be court ordered to have one appointed to your case. In other words, you cannot be forced to work with a Parenting Consultant because a Parenting Consultant can only be appointed by the Court by the agreement of both parties.

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