If you have already been divorced, you already have a divorce Decree that has been signed by a Judge. That constitutes law in your case. Either you were divorced through an agreement which was accepted by the Court, or your case went to Trial, and the Judge issued a divorce Decree. Whatever the case might be, the Judgment and Decree in your case is the basis upon which any other modifications will occur. Therefore, if you are either attempting to change the terms of the Decree (ex.: Modifying Custody, Modifying Child Support, Modifying Spousal Maintenance, or enforcing something that the other side did not do), the attorney needs to see your divorce Decree. In these instances, it is helpful that you provide the divorce Decree or the Court Order in your case to the attorney in advance of your initial consultation. This allows the attorney an opportunity that he/she is looking at your case through the lens of the divorce Decree and not through your recitation of the facts.

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