Clausen & Hassan  |  August 16, 2018

Self-Employment Income and Minnesota Child Support

Under Minnesota law, for child support purposes, self-employment income is defined as: “gross receipts minus costs of goods sold minus ordinary and necessary expenses required for self-employment of business operation.”
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Clausen & Hassan  |  October 3, 2017

How is Child Support Calculated in Minnesota?

When calculating child support in Minnesota, the court will always start by applying the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines to the parties’ circumstances.  The Child Support Guidelines are a method of
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Clausen & Hassan  |  September 28, 2017

Income and Child Support in Minnesota: What You Need to Know

In Minnesota, child support is calculated using the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines Calculator, which can be easily accessed online here. Two of the factors that are considered by the calculator
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Farhan  |  February 17, 2017

Proposed Changes to Minnesota Child Support Laws

Before diving into the heart of this, it is important to understand how a monthly child support obligation is broken down. A child support obligation takes into account three different
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Clausen & Hassan  |  September 22, 2015

Retroactive Child Support in Minnesota

You need to know if retroactive child support will apply to your case in MinnesotaLitigation is often a lengthy process, even for issues that are relatively simple. This can be
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Farhan  |  September 8, 2015

Does the Amount of Time I Spend With My Child Affect My Child Support?

A child support modification might be easier than you think. Most parents will agree that is not cheap to raise a child. Having a child in your care can have
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Clausen & Hassan  |  June 26, 2015

Calculating child support isn’t easy—Are You Treated Fairly?

Imputing income to a party who is voluntarily unemployed, underemployed or employed on a less than full-time basis can be a complex task. Clients often wonder how child support can
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Clausen & Hassan  |  May 14, 2015

What is a Child Support Magistrate in Minnesota?

If you receive a notice of a hearing related to child support in Minnesota, you may find that the hearing will be presided over by a child support magistrate rather
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Brian J. Clausen  |  March 23, 2015

What can the Court in Minnesota Order Me to Pay for Child Support of a Minor Child?

When a Minnesotan Court calculates a child support obligation, it is typically more than a basic child support amount that is determined. While child support is often calculated according to
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